10:00 Coffee + workshop introduction
10:30 Personal mapping: hand-drawn maps
11:00  Surface, adhesive, and collaging demos
11:30  Collage work time
12:30  Finish collages, show and tell, clean up

Please Bring

Drawing materials of your choice (pens, pencils, markers, etc)
Collected Scavenger Hunt Items
Anything else you’d like to add to your collage.

We will Supply

1 Masonite Board for collage base
Adhesives (2-3 different types)
Glue stick
Double stick tape
Wet glue
Some supplementary paper and collaging Materials
Display stand for a finished piece



Finished A4/A3 Collage
“Scavenger Hunt” Inspiration List
Resource List
Today’s Techniques
Artists to Look at

Everyday Scavenger Hunt

Try to bring as many of the following things as possible with you to the workshop!
It can be a printed out photo, a drawing, or 2D objects you have collected.
-A receipt from a transaction
-A piece of trash from something you consumed
-Something from your daily train station
-Something that caught your eye at the 100 Yen store
-A material or pattern you really enjoyed
-A map of any kind
-A disposable/ consumable item you use daily
-A screenshot from a digital device
-A sticker
-Something strange you saw

How to Sign Up

1. Sign up this event on either or Facebook event.

>> Meetup 

>> FB Event 

2, Buy a ticket (2500yen) via the button on this page.


Are you a creative interested in learning more about personal mapping and collage?

When we think of collage, we often imagine flipping through magazines to find just the right word or image. But in this workshop, we will be making a collage with our own content to map out our daily lives.

Mapping gives us a set of tools to visually layout the intangible, while collage allows us to create connections between things that we couldn’t see before. We will use both of these ideas in the workshop to create a work of personal collage art.

Before the workshop, we challenge you to a scavenger hunt to gather potential collage materials. Please bring these objects and anything else you might like to add to your collage. We will supply the surface, adhesives, and various other papers and collage supplies to compliment your own items.

The workshop will be held primarily in English.
This workshop is for creatives of any skill level, so we hope to see you there!

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