Oped Space accepts multiangular activities in creative fields. With this program, Oped will strive to be a new platform for future art that creators from all genres to interact in the departments of Exhibition and public programs.  Selected Artists and their works will be held at Oped Space for an exhibition.





1. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.

"the reflection of light"

2. serious thought or consideration.

3. the conceptual operation of inverting a system or event with respect to a plane, each element being transferred perpendicularly through the plane to a point the same distance the other side of it.


2-dimensional and 3-dimensional artworks, design, media art, presentation of the results of the research project, music, dance, theater, movies/video, symposiums, and workshops. The projects similar to or combined with these.


Open to all media, all ages over 18, genders and educational backgrounds.

No nationality restrictions.

How to apply

1. Complete the application form Includes:

Registration info, 

Artist Statement/CV (300 words or less). 

Description of Artwork (300 words or less)

Works List


2. Organize pictures/ videos of your works or anything demonstrates your works

Provide at most 20 files of your works, in .jpg format for images(5MB maximum) and in .mp4 format for video(200MB maximum).




​3. Email all the materials as well as a completed application form to exhibition@opedspace.org



Deadline: 21 February 2020

Shortlist Announcement:  Before 23 February 2020

( Exhibition Works & Materials should be delivered in Tokyo by 1 March 2020 )

Exhibition dates: Early March (Tentative)

Floor plan

1F + 2F ≈ 133 m2

* 2F opens to the public when needed only.








Expense/ Potential Commission

The production fee and shipping costs of the exhibited works are borne by the artists. Artwork insurance is recommended.


Although we do not make a profit through exhibitions. However, in order to ensure the sustainability of this project, we will charge 20,000 yen for each exhibiting artist(or artist collectives), for balancing the cost that happens in the curatorial process.


For those who based in Tokyo and can install/uninstall their works by themselves, the exhibiting fee is 10,000 yen.


The money will be used to pay the venue costs, printouts(flyers and artwork labels, etc. ) and glass decals, as well as exhibition documentation/archive, online promotion, and daily staff maintenance. We help with selling works and gallery connections and personal networks. The fees we collect will also be used on the show opening night event.

For work sales during the exhibition, we will take a 30% commission from the full retail price. 

Long term consignment is possible.

We may close this open call once the spots filled.

Exhibition Call for Submissions



Submission Deadline: Feb 21. 2020

Shortlist Announcement:  Feb 23, 2020

Exhibition Date: Early March 2020 (Tentative)

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