An Artist Residency Program in Tokyo, Japan .

With Oped Community.

We provide creative environment, exhibition opportunities, teaching stipend, networks and more for emerging artists, designers, creators.



Hours: Opens 24/7 for AiR residents.

Area-A may open to the public for workshops and events during the weekends. Area B+C can always be used as making space and for open studio and exhibitions.

Amenities: worktables, chairs, Wi-Fi, AC (cooling/heating units), power supplies, storage, printer, woodwork tools, ladders, water dispenser, coffee & tea corner.

Other tools and devices may be lent for free or with an additional fee, please contact us for details.

Size: 133 m2 ( 2 floors)


Location & Transportation

To Art Museums

24 mins to Ghibli Museum

40 mins to The National Art Center

41  mins to Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

42 mins to National Museum of Western Art

48 mins to Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

49 mins to Hara Museum

49 mins to Nezu Museum

50 mins to Mori Art Museum

To Art Suppliers and Home Centers

2   mins to Tokyu Hands (Creative Life Chain Store)

8   mins to D2 Home Center

21  mins to IKEA

25 mins to Sekaido Shinjuku (Art Supply Chain)

29 mins to Sekaido Musashino Art University Shop

42 mins to VIVA HOME Center

53 mins to Fab Lab(3D Printing /CNC/ Lasercut)


Exhibition & Showcase

Oped AiR curates exhibitions and showcases for our resident artists. Usually, the exhibitions or showcases will be at the last weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) of every 4-week slot. 


For those to stay 1 to 2 month(s), there is a group exhibition at Oped Space Tokyo or showcase for every single artist. For those who stay for more than 3 months, a solo exhibition is possible. 

Exhibition & showcase participation is not mandatory.

Oped Space will be responsible for:

Supplies Preparation

Artwork Labels, Printouts, and Vinyl Decal,

Media Pack Making Online Promotion

Design, Writing, and Documentation.

Opening Night & Related Events

Drinks, Snacks and Guest Invitation.


Onsite Staff

helping with installation and invigilating the exhibition/showcase.


 Available dates

Every 4 weeks counted as one month.

Availability updates weekly

Residency Fees

Program Fee

135,000 JPY (Tax-included) for 4 weeks.

For covering the working space facilities, gallery daily management and staff supports.

Exhibition curatorial & event promotion costs are covered, too.

Housing & Food

For those who are not based in Tokyo, if you need Lodging Placement near the working space, we can help with it for free.

The average rent for a studio/apartment in Tokyo is 65,000 JPY monthly

SAMPLE: Apartment 20 minutes on feet or 30 minutes by train from the open studio at Kokubunji.

With a compact kitchen and bathroom. (photos provided by OYO Life)

A meal costs 500 to 1,000 JPY around Kokubunji Area. 

Free coffee & Tea at Oped Space.

Material Purchase & Production cost & Transportation

These are borne by artists, we can help with shopping and order online.


Oped AiR is a self-funded program, we highly recommend participants apply for funds in their countries. We are glad to prepare documents for them.



Benefits & Opportunity

Teaching Stipend

For those running workshops in our public programs, we offer the artist stipend from 10,000 to 20,000 JPY per workshop (Usually 3 hours). 


To ensure the artists have enough time working on their projects as well as everyone gets a chance to get the stipend, one artist should not host more than 3 workshops (or more than 9 hours) during a 4-week residency slot. The teaching Proposal should be submitted at least 6 weeks before the workshop happens.


Oped Space now is looking for long-term/ short-term consignment with emerging Artists.
For those who participated in AiR, we take a 20% commission during the residency and a 40 commission for long-term consignment. To be representative by Oped Space is possible.


Unlimited free access to all our events & workshops & art trips (museum/attraction tickets not included) during the residency.


If the artist's project requires the help and support of volunteers, we can help with calling for volunteers.

Please inform us at least 4 weeks in advance. No art space staff can make your artworks for you during their working hours.


Expanding your networks with galleries, art spaces and creative communities in Tokyo.

upcoming Events workshops & trips



1. Complete the application form

2. Email the completed application form to


* Residency proposal will be required after acceptance.

** For those who marked "interested in teaching stipend", a teaching proposal is mandatory after acceptance.

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